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Project Description

jQuery Control Toolkit aims to help web developpers to have simplified ways to have beautiful web 2.0 applications. It also provides wrappers (extenders) for ASP.NET


There is already an existing codeplex project which does almost the same thing as I do, but there are some points that did not fit my requirements. With the extenders I'm providing, I will follow the same logic : options of a function are provided as attributes of an extender, events of a function are provided as child nodes of an extender :
<jQuery:DragDropExtender runat="server"  DropPlaceHolderCssClass="dropCue" TargetControlSelector="$dndPanel1"
            DraggableSelector=".moveable" ConnectSelector=".widgets" CursorAt="{ top:0, left:10 }">
                function(event, ui)
                function(event, ui)

I also wanted to be able to specify server control ids in selectors.
In jQuery/CSS, you have 3 kind selectors :
  • tagName
  • .className
  • #domElementId

With the JQueryControlToolkit, you now have one more :
  • $ServerControlId


Here is the Documentation. You should find every thing you need to know about the jquery control toolkit.

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